Sue Barrett, Founder and Managing Director of Barrett (est. 1995) began her professional sales career in 1983 with an international pharmaceutical company where, in her own words she ‘learnt how not to sell’.  Moving into the recruitment industry Sue interviewed more than 8,000 sales people and sales managers face to face over a seven year period.  Sue states that this stint in recruitment was her unofficial PhD into sales and it is where she began her journey to uncover what makes for great sales people.

In 1995 she launched her first business, Barrett to do just that.  Barrett has evolved into a specialist education, consulting and coaching company focusing on developing 21st century Sales Mastery through culture, capability and campaigns and making sure that every sales team has a good sales strategy.

The Sell Like A Woman project is part of Barrett Research, a new division of Barrett which is an incubator for transformational technologies, products, concepts, ideas, online processes, resources, surveys, books, tools and research.

Sue Barrett is one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on and working in the selling profession in Australia and the world today. An advocate for Human-centred Ethical Sales Practice, the Moral Case for Gratitude, Purposeful Optimism, Equality and Diversity, Women in Business, Montessori Education, Systems Thinking, and Environmental Sustainability, Sue is passionate about creating a fairer, more peaceful world in which we can all be prosperous.

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