our aim

Our aim in putting the Sell Like A Woman project together is:

  1. To bring to the attention of the public and business the valuable contributions women make to business especially in their ability to build effective and viable business relationships. Please note this is not a 'male bashing' exercise at all. Many men we have told about this project say it's about time that we bring this to attention of more people. They say that the findings may help men and businesses see the increasing value of alternative ways of working with customers and colleagues alike. And that we need real stories about real people to show that it is working out there.

  2. To profile and honour those successful sales women who contribute to this survey and highlight their key qualities and talents. WE will be able to bring the reader in contact with real people who are can share their knowledge, advice and experiences with others which may inspire and help those who are looking to pursue a career in sales.

  3. To make the book real, accessible and relevant to readers and not some technical tome. We want to coordinate the information gathered from the women profiled cross referenced with the findings from the relevant international research in this field.