Everybody lives by selling something.

We know this to be true. Whether we call ourselves a salesperson or not, if we have an idea, product, service, skill, talent, or opportunity that we can offer to another and they can benefit from, then we need to be able to sell.

Sue Barrett is one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on and working in the selling profession in Australia and the world today. An advocate for Human-centred Ethical Sales Practice, the Moral Case for Gratitude, Purposeful Optimism, Equality and Diversity, Women in Business, Montessori Education, Systems Thinking, and Environmental Sustainability, Sue is passionate about creating a fairer, more peaceful world in which we can all be prosperous - Sue's other website.

Also, people frequently ask us how they can easily access the tools, knowledge and education to sell successfully and with integrity.

Since 1995 we have been working with many 1,000’s of people giving them access to practical and effective sales tools, knowledge and education with outstanding results; but the challenge has always been moving beyond the classroom. That’s how the idea of an online sales education and resource platform came about. Salesessentials.com was born out of the necessity to give people everywhere access to real-time, reliable, evidenced based, practical and useful sales tools, resources, education and research that works.

Therefore we developed a new online sales education resource called salessentials.com which comprises the following core areas:

  1. Sales Publishing: How-to Sales e-books, Research Whitepapers, Barrett 12 Sales Trends Annual Sales Trends Reports, Podcasts, etc. (Please see www.salessentials.com/shop for current offerings)
  2. Online Sales Training Read about Online training providing general information
  3. Benefits of Online Sales Training Read about the benefits that online training provides versuscovnetional classroom training or one-on-one training.
  4. Online Sales Training Courses See the courses we offer and read information about each of them.
  5. Sales Resources: tools, templates, coaching resources. etc.

Sales Essentials learning programs can be delivered as a standalone ‘introduction to selling’ program or form part of a blended learning system. They can be integrated into "bigger picture" programs, integrated into client provided training strategies, mixed with classroom training - the possibilities are endless.

www.salessentials.com online learning programs can be used in the off-the-shelf format or customised to specific client requirements.

www.salessentials.com online learning programs are ideal for inducting new sales recruits to bring them quickly up to speed with the SE philosophies, processes and tools. Then ideally supplemented with formal classroom training and infield coaching by the Sales Managers (RMs) when the new sales recruits start selling.

www.salessentials.com online learning programs are ideal for introducing other departments (i.e. marketing, customer service, logistics, etc,) to professional selling practices and the idea that ‘selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something’. It will help them understand selling across the entire value chain and get them quickly up to speed with the SE philosophies, processes and tools so they can understand what sales people need to do and how they support them. 

One of the programs is called "Sales Essentials Online Sales Training" and it is an 8 module, interactive program that has been designed by an international & intercontinental (Australia, Germany, Singapore, Argentina, Italy and Russia) team, with a global market place in mind. Whilst it is not designed to cater for nuances in every culture, the program is designed to provide people with access to the core sales principles, process, tools and fundamentals common in 21st century sales across a global marketplace.